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Many New Zealanders have travelled around Western Australia. Here are a few extraordinary experiences they have had along the way. Feel free to share your experiences for others to read.

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Dianne's Extraordinary Experience

It has been nearly 3 years ago since we were in WA.  My husband and I rented a campervan and headed south from Perth down to the Margaret River region and down to Albany.
We had no specific plans and we drove and found great places to buy local foods, wines and had great experiences all along the way.
One great highlight was the Tall trees and walk amongst the trees on the air walk.
Another was a stop at a local art/craft/food place (can’t remember the name) and bought venison steak, sausages and salami to keep us going for a couple of days.  At the same place I purchased a lovely necklace that when I wear, I get great flattering comments.
Would love to go again and see a bit more.

Kristin's Extraordinary Experience

Whaleworld at Frenchman Bay near Albany is a dramatic experience…. such small ships ...such a gruesome business ... an unforgettable story! Our 1987 trip from Esperance to Perth around the coast also included highlights such as the Jewel Cave, walk trails on Cape Naturaliste and the astonishing pinnacles at the Nambung National Park. Venturing further up the west coast would a “must” on a return trip.

dianne's Extraordinary Experience

40 years ago we were booked on a ten pound ticket to Albany. Circumstances prevented us from going, just two weeks before our departure date. Three years ago we came to live in New Zealand and would love to experience all of Western Australia, especially Margaret River and a little town called Pemberton where we have really good friends. They came to NZ to visit us last year and we would love to visit them in return.

Trish's Extraordinary Experience

We travelled south through the Margaret River area, climbed the giant Karri tree and ended up in Albany where there was a fantastic interactive attraction that was an old whaling station.  Would love to go north of Perth to the old pearling town of Broome.

Anne's Extraordinary Experience

When we visited our hardworking son in the grain growing area of WA, we also explored the south west. It was not only extraordinary to walk around the treetops on a structure that replicates the forest below at Walpole, but also to be able to go under the forest in the caves of the south west coast, and see one of the formations of stalgmites reflect the beautiful karri forest above. We loved the natural creations in the cave walls, the sense of antiquity, the stimulating information from the guide. Overcoming the initial discomfort of being underground in a reasonably confined space was well worth the challenge. We would love to go back and visit our son of course, and then explore the north west, especially Broome to Darwin

vicki's Extraordinary Experience

My husband and I traveled by car, down the coast to Albany from Perth and we had an amazing walk in the treetops of the Tingle forest followed by a tour through the stunning limestone cave system near Margaret River. We were surprised at the size and beauty of the limestone formations and the eerie feeling of being in the total darkness. Just a great experience!

anne's Extraordinary Experience

We have relatives in Busselton which is a pretty town and went into the woods with the giant karri trees. The ground was covered in native flowers in yellow, red, purples and looked very pretty. There are so many attractions like wineries and marvellous eating places. The beaches are clean with sparkling blue seas and a good supply of picnic tables to admire the views. Perth is an easy drive on good roads with lots to see and do and great shopping.

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